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Traditional Villages in Halkidiki

In the wider area of Halkidiki, there are many small villages you can visit within driving distance from our accommodation. Renting a car is always a great choice to explore the rural as well as urban areas of Halkidiki and enjoy its exquisite beauty. Villages in Halkidiki often comprise of houses made of stone and stony pavements as well as small traditional cafes and taverns.

Agios Nikolaos Halkidiki


Agios Nikolaos

The first village you should drive to from Vourvourou is Agios Nikolaos, northwest of Vourvourou. There is substantial proof that the area of Agios Nikolaos has been inhabited since 14th century already and this is witnessed by the remains of a Byzantine watchtower. The village boasts amazing natural and architectural beauty while the houses follow a 19th century line. The village abounds in beautiful beaches and lush greenery, thus making the village resemble a colorful painting. You can visit the village with your partner or family and enjoy a stroll around the paved backstreets or admire the old churches of Agia Paraskevi, Agios Georgios, Agios Nikolaos and Ormos Panagias that adorn the center of the village. You can have a full day in the village, since after a long walk, you can enjoy fresh meze (small traditional dishes) and homemade ecological tsipouro (traditional Greek alcoholic beverage). The village has a quite autonomous producing community so homemade wine, fish, tsipouro, olive oil and olives are some of the goods you can taste while being there.



The second village you should definitely visit while on your stay in Halkidiki is Taxiarchis. It is about 50 km away from Vourvourou on the northeastern side of the mainland. The village is built in between four natural springs while areas nearby include the mountain of Cholomon and the village of Vrastama, which is also worth visiting. The village has been burnt down by the Turks during the Greek Revolution of Independence in 1820 but managed to get liberated in 1921. In the main square, you will find cafes, restaurants and the elementary school which is also the main meeting place for locals. The village has been named after Archangel Michael who is the patron of the village and is celebrated on the 8th of November. Mushrooms, potatoes and beans are among the most famous products of the area.



Polygyros village, yet the capital of Halkidiki, is located in the center of Halkidiki. Polygyros is a traditional village built on the southern slopes of Mount Holomondas and has been allegedly named after the mountain that has a lot of twists and turns. The village abounds in stony houses and secret narrow alleys that you can walk while you can relax in one of the various cafes and restaurants. While in the village, do not miss out on visiting the Archaeological Museum. Meanwhile, various feasts and folk dance events take place there, since Halkidiki boasts a long tradition in folk music. Exi-Vrises, Panagia and Tsoukalas are also places worth visiting in the surrounding area.

Other villages worth visiting are Arnea, Vrastama, Vavdos, the old Town of Nikiti and Agios Prodromos all in the surrounding area.



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