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Traditional Villages in Halkidiki

In the wider area of Halkidiki, there are many small villages you can visit within driving distance from our accommodation. Renting a car is always a great choice to explore the rural as well as urban areas of Halkidiki and enjoy its exquisite beauty. Villages in Halkidiki often comprise of houses made of stone and […]

Things to Do in Vourvourou: Day & Night

For all those who need something more than just relaxed vacation, there is plenty of nightlife to enjoy near Karra Studios. The magic of the second peninsula of Halkidiki is that it does not only offer beautiful long beaches, breathtaking views and nice food, but all those are combined nicely with a vivid nightlife. There […]

Why Halkidiki is one of the top holiday destinations in Greece

On the northeastern part of Greece, just a few kilometres further south of Thessaloniki, is one of the most popular and beautiful places in Greece: Halkidiki. This beautiful prefecture of Northern Greece is spread out in the sea in a shape that resembles a hand with three fingers which point down to south Aegean. Halkidiki […]

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to Anna Karra Studios in beautiful Halkidiki! Our accommodation is located in the exotic location of Vourvourou, the picturesque village on the northwestern side of the second peninsula of Halkidiki, called Sithonia. Our accommodation is located right at the beachfront, offering an amazing view to the guests. We also provide a garden where children […]